Monday, May 09, 2011

Storms are brewin' in your eyes...

I should mention that perhaps the most succinct but most comprehensive discussion of the "royal wedding" (see below) I found was over at "Sarah, Proud and Tall"; scroll down to her "Dispatches from the Royal Wedding."Outstanding. Good stuff, and you can say I said so.

And don't leave right after the reception. Sarah is a hoot, and some of her stuff is too funny to be a mere bagatelle. I'd like to think that she and Gloria Vanderbilt really DID kick Ayn Rand's ass back in '57.

Sarah; she's good.

Check her out, and you can drop my name when you get there.

Hope you had a good May Day and a good first week of Spring. I've bucked up a bit, and hopefully more regular bloggage will commence.

And I should add that this year there was neither blood nor shit for the Mommy. The kiddos both made her some adorable klutzy kid gifts, Mojo got to sleep in until nearly noon, read a lot, got tons of quiet time alone, and generally seemed to have a fairly good Mother's Day. Which just proves that if you wait long enough your kids will grow into your priorities.

This result may not be typical, mind you.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for turning us onto Sarah -- quite wicked ;)