Saturday, May 26, 2012

From The Forehead of Zeus

I want to invite everyone here to visit our friend Labrys for a trip in the U.S. Army M7TARDIS to Ft. Maclellan, Alabama for Women's Army Corps Basic Training, 1974.
"I hate running, I hate hot weather. So how on earth did I end up in Women's Army Corps Basic Training in Ft. McClellan, Alabama in August of 1974? I would have done most anything to get the hell out of Kansas. My father laughed and said "So my little girl is joining the Whore Corps."
As much as there is very little that remains of the Army I knew, Labrys brings to life an Army that literally no longer exists except in memory, and does it with her usual frank brilliance.
I can't recommend her post too highly, both for her subject as well as her writing. What better way to begin the Memorial Day remembrance? Go; read. You won't regret it.

And don't forget to ask her to keep going - she remembers another place and time that have almost vanished; the U.S. Army, Europe in the Seventies, and the Bavarian glories of Flint Kaserne. Hoch, hoch, Labrys!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Chief. Thank you...and yes,there is my beautiful Lady, She who drives Her serpent drawn chariot forever between my shoulder blades!

It was the fashion then to polish Athena so intensely that her features softened with wear and blurred till the plumes of her helm barely existed.