Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That's Amore!

This little video seems to have gone viral, and if you watch I think you'll see why.Even my friends jim and Lisa, hard-headed realists that they are, were captivated (which is where I found this - thanks, guys!)

Anyway, you know I'm a sucker for romance, so I'm getting viral like everyone else. a sense, this is both sweet (since this guy obviously wanted their engagement to be really, really memorable) and scary. Because this little skit took dozens of friends and must have taken hours of rehearsal; who the hell has the time and energy for that?

After they have kids they're gonna look back on this in wonder; where the hell DID all that time go..?


Labrys said...

LOL...a posting apropos, since my posting today was about my wildly romantic off post time at DLI in California!

Ael said...

You also need to be really Really *Really* sure that she will say yes!

Otherwise, you put her in a completely untenable position in front of her friends (which is an awful thing to do to a loved one).

FDChief said...

Ah, California IS for lovers, right?

Ael: I suspect that would be a given. I can't imagine doing all this unless you were SURE the answer was yes.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you liked it, too.

For sure it took some time, but certainly not as much as people put into community theatre for a mere 3-night run, and all involved seem quite happy to have carved out the few hours for rehearsal.

My sense is there are some theatrical - dance people in this group, so choreographing it and having it come off so easy wouldn't have been that tough for them. A memorable gift of the heart for the would-be groom and bride.

Ael said...

The more I think about it, the less I like it. A marriage is the most important contract commitment you can make and this scene does not make any sort of negotiations possible.

The choice is between "yes" and "humiliation"

FDChief said...

Ael: You're right; IF this woman hadn't already committed, then this becomes the excruciatingly painful scene from a Hollywood rom-com, with the guy getting handed his ass in front of all his friends and looking like a total jackass, and the poor woman desperately trying to cut the floor show short to stop the humiliation.

But, again, I think you ONLY do this when you've been together for a long time, have pretty much already decided to get married and the actual "proposal" is more or less just a formality.

And, because it IS just a formality, why not make it a truly "formal" occasion?

I've been married twice (sad but not all that surprising to say) and in both cases was already sure of the "yes" before I did the "go down on one knee with the ring" traditional deal. I'll bet 99.9% of all those proposals are the same - why else would the movie rom-com staple of the poor idiot standing there with the spendy ring and no fiancee' be such a convention? It works BECAUSE it's so impossible. Almost all suitors abide by Sun Tzu's rule of overthrowing the fortress without assaulting; that situation almost never occurs in real life.

So this seems to me just an elaborate version of the same.

Lisa said...


Don't let the "dancing juice" spoil it for you.

Marriage as "contract commitment" and "negotiations"? That all sounds rather dour. I s'pose those things are all handled in the dating process. The lady was squealing with delight, ael; everyone was on board with the shenanigans.

This was pure theatre, and we presume, a revelry. And what is the act of marriage under the chuppah or at the alter but an act of communal theatre.

IMHO, this was a fine bit of 2012 formality and celebration.

Ael said...

I understand that the question was pure theatre, but that makes the answer pure theatre as well. I would have hope for an actual answer.

However, I suppose the only real answer to "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" is: "I'm still here, check with me tomorrow."

Lisa said...

Come now, Ael. The question was not theatre, but the frolic surrounding the momentousness may help insure these two don't go the way of almost 50% of the "serious contract" negotiations.

Would you have liked an Oompah better? ;)

Ael said...

The floor show was wonderful and it looks like their entire community thinks the marriage is a wonderful idea. I was blown away by the marching band and I wish them all the best.

Still, what gets me is that he doesn't pose a fair question "will you marry me".

He poses the question "will you marry me or will you humiliate me in front of all of our friends". Now he is 99.999% sure the answer is yes to marriage, but it isn't fair to her (even if it is only a theoretical choice, he fails preserve her freedom to choose)

He basically puts her into a box with only one door, thus controlling her. To me, it is not a good way to kick off a marriage between equals.

rangeragainstwar said...

I disavow all association with feel good stuff coming outta RAW.
I'm still stuck in the battles of Wanat and Waygul/Fallujah and i could care less about romance and cutsie videos.
Ranger means Ranger ,not Ranger for Romance.
It ain't me babe.

Lisa said...

If we were to be technical, Ael, the hopeful groom precisely expresses his appreciation for all of the happiness his beloved has brought to him over the time of their consort, and asks if she would be willing to allow him the opportunity to give her the same, a noble sentiment.

I do, however, appreciate your concern that a woman not be painted into a box. It is my presumption that, given the man is not a recent escapee from a mental institution, that he has already trod this ground with his intended.

This was merely a lavish add-on to the old-fashioned genuflection. Myself, I am one for the private, old-fashioned and personal. But that's not how they do things today, and it wouldn't make for much of a show.

I just felt that as far as such shows go, this was a fairly cute one.