Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fifteen Hundred

The first five hundred took more than two years; from 17 JUL 2006 to 19 AUG 2008, or about 763 days.

The next five hundred took three months less; from 19 AUG 2008 to 8 JUN 2010, or about 660 days,

And since then it's been 737 days. A total of 2,160 days for 1,500 posts. About a post every 1.4 days.

Fifteen hundred posts.


That's a hell of a lot of writing.

A hell of a lot of sitting up late at the computer thumping my index finger on my skull trying to figure out another word for "fucktardry". A hell of a lot of paging through the Internet looking for Charlie Sheen quotes to put in Muhammar Qaddafi's mouth. A hell of a lot of sorting through Asian bondage porn pictures for a good illustration for the concept of "hogtied".

Okay, maybe the porn wasn't exactly required for the bloggage. But, hey, I respect all Internet traditions!

It's late, and I don't want to go on and on about this; the first 500 seemed like a big deal. The next came at a sort of pivotal time in my life, and I wondered whether all this meant anything worth a cup of warm spit. But now I think I've pretty much figured this stuff out and I'm here for a while yet, so, hey, no biggie, right? Another 500 down, another 499 still to go. Put yourself a cup of coffee from the Silex, we might be here for a while; there's more stuff about soccer, kaiju movies, the barracks at Fort Kobbe, Panama, and "Republican Is The New Stupid" I need to talk about. And did I mention the whole "bikini record album cover" topic thing.

Yeah. That.

So I gotta get some sleep. See you tomorrow?


Leon said...

Suuuuuure, "research". We've all done "research".

And congrats.

Lisa said...

Yes, congratulations.

Funny you should bring up the teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini thing. This was recently a topic Florida-ways ...

I think what you (we) do, by allowing our minds flights of fancy amidst the hard issues, is to stay human (in the best sense of the word) in an increasingly technological time, a time which threatens our humanity as we strive to keep up with the data stream.

So thank you for keeping open a human space, a space for thought, where we don't get bogged down in being too self-aware of that project.

FDChief said...

You have bikinis in Florida? But doesn't that make Baby Jesus cry? And here I thought you had a God-fearing Republican governor and everything...

Glad you enjoy the joint. I tries to keeps it on da up-an-up.

Lisa said...

We have bikinis AND we have topless. Why, we're right near Saint-Tropez (with Alabama in between.)

I very much enjoy, whether it be up-and-up or down and dirty ;) We must remember, there is a place for Tom of Finland, too.