Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Rains Come...To Fuck You Up

Now and then I may complain about the rain during our Dark Ages, but our rains don't come like this:
That kind of rain doesn't just keep you indoors and give you the wintertime blues.

It kills you.

It destroys your crops and starves you to death. It gives you typhoid fever and dysentery and liver fluke. It rips your nipa house apart and scatters your life across the wreckage of your fields.

There are reasons to complain about living in the United States. Don't get me wrong. Those of us not in the two-yacht families get reamed pretty hard sometimes.
But not often like this.


basilbeast said...

Plus some help from fellow human beings invading the place and bombing and shooting it up.

I see Portland is in the news again, not many days after KC.

I don't know how much more agitation the anti-weapon control crowd can take.


FDChief said...

Clackamas Town Center? Yeah, I'll blog about that. But no biggie, the KIA wasn't even in the LOW double figures. It'll be out of the news cycle by Friday.

Forget it, Jake. It's Clackamas County.