Monday, August 04, 2014


Scene: parents' bedroom, early evening
Dramatis personae: MOTHER (reading), DAUGHTER (drawing My Little Pony comic), DRACHMA the Kitten (licking backside daintily)
Enter FATHER, with flea treatment squirt bottle. Places bottle at back of DRACHMA's head, squirts flea treatment on cat.

DAUGHTER: What's that, Daddy?
FATHER: That's the kitten's flea stuff, sweetie. Don't pet Drachma on the head because you don't want to get that on your hands, it'll make you sick.
DAUGHTER: Well that's silly, because if Drachma licks it off he'll get sick, too.
FATHER: That's why I put it on the back of his head, sweetie, because he can't lick it off the back of his head. If Daddy could lick the back of HIS head Mommy would give him all her money.
MOTHER: (Snort)
DAUGHTER: I don't get it, why would she do that?
FATHER: You'll understand when you get bigger.
MOTHER: (Snort)

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