Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Death Cat Blogging: Long Pig Edition

In our sleepless quest to bring you all things "Death Cat", here's someone not afraid to ask the question we've all been wondering about, courtesy of Amanda at Pandagon:

"OK, now I’m left to wonder (she writes) … if Oscar isn’t really interested in people, is it really ok to attribute Oscar’s curling up to the terminally ill to some sort of sympathetic desire to comfort the dying? Maybe he really likes being in a building with a bunch of weak old people.
…In fact, maybe he’s getting really pissed off that he goes through all the trouble of staking these people out and is then removed from the room before he can eat them.

You can’t blame cats. They spend all their lives around the large, hairless monkeys and they have to wonder if we taste better than that damn kibble we feed them. So they wait and watch and on very rare occasions, one actually has the chance to know if we really do taste like raw pork."

Speaking only for Miss Lily, she does like a little nip o' the long pork once in a while. But she claims that, unlike the scurrilous cannibal rumor, we actually taste like chicken.
Update 7/28: The Death Cat appears to have taken up politics.


wzgirl said...

Saw this cartoon & thought of you today:

If it doesn't come thru - go to and look up bad reporter. Political Death Cat.

Millicent said...

I see where she's going with that line of thinking. And if they don't let her get a little nibble at the "long pig" (where the F did you get that one?) then she'll give up on stalking the goners. Then no more death cat. So, hey, give 'er a taste o' granny!