Friday, July 06, 2007

Thermonuclear cuteness

Every parent does this and it's SOOOOO irritating, but: is this a cute girl, or what?

Here's little Miss Baoxin again, this time a little older - notice that the baby fat has gone somewhat - and a little taller.

What a clever girl! Look how she's weighing the mass versus the volume of those little plastic toys. Clearly somebody's going to grow up to be a brain surgeon or a theoretical physicist.
Whatever - grow up to be a Greek philospher-poet/auto-body sheetmetal worker, sweetie. We just want to bring you home soon...
And speaking of poetry:


Aphrodite promised your return on Beltane
I hang to her words with the last hope
Love can give.
Spring is still young
The wheel of life must turn.
The moon must pass before
You come to me
What if you don’t come?
What will it be of me?
No, Aphrodite will not abandon
A daughter of light;
A daughter of fire;
A daughter of the forest;
For the gods are bound to me
As I am to you, my love.
Love, god’s sacred gift to us
Becomes my curse
Every minute you are not with me.
Becomes my burden
Every second you are away from me.
Becomes my death
Every moment you are far from me.
What is my destiny?
To be waiting for you?
Alejandra Olivas


SBird said...

That is one cute girl, for certain. It's great you got a whole passel of pictures!

And, might I add, that's one of the better-dressed babies I've seen in referral pics....

walternatives said...

It's not at all irritating, Chief. Not At All. She IS a cutie-pie. When oh when will you know?

atomic mama said...

You're right. There's nothing semi-thermonuclear about it - her cuteness is full-on thermonuclear!!

Anonymous said...

Love the poem and I love the picture. She is quite a face!

Kelli said...

Oh My clearly I am SO behind! Wow, what a cutie! Congratulations!!! Can't wait to meet her in person!! And now I promise to be better about keeping up on blogs!!!