Thursday, July 26, 2007

Le Chatte de Mort

Okay, let's start with the premise that most newspapers are crap. Some, mind you, are more crap than others. But give or take a few Los Angeles or New York Timses, pretty much crap.

Now our local Oregonian is usually not the floaty-est turd in the newspaper crap bowl, but today's edition was almost beyond belief. Out in the big, scary real world the U.S. Attorney general was flat out lying to Congress, wars, disasters, cheating cyclists...all these things were happening yesterday. So what's above the fold on today's Oregonian front page?

An article about how if you get fat all your friends get fat, too (or maybe not...!),

I'm serious. No shit, I couldn't make this up.

Jesus wept, no wonder people in general are so fuckin' ignorant.

1 comment:

walternatives said...

Hey, atleast they didn't add to the Lindsay Lohan "news" coverage.