Thursday, December 20, 2007

Arrgh! Yuh got me, yuh dirty rat..!

Well...I've got it now.
The Stomach Flu. Dehli Belly, the Galloping Major, Montezuma's Revenge, the Hershey Squirts...ugh. I'll spare you the mental image of me racing around the woods yesterday above I-5 looking for a dry, level spot to...ugh. Let's not go there.
So, anyway, the blogging hiatus continues. For fun while you wait for the end of the Check Fire, why don't you go visit Chris, Hazel and Ruby? They're totally cool, and those two girls could charm the hiss out of a snake. They're Totally Adorable. And they have a pretty Great Mom, too. Even though she, like me, enjoys these quiet pre-kid waking hours. To sit, think, write and just be one with your gastrointestinal tract.

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walternatives said...

I'm so, so sorry....