Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Last Call

And after all is said and done...we're all just people. Born to die, struggling with fears, nursing our hopes, trying to find some meaning to this span of days we are alloted.
Here's a nice take on faith from Real Live Preacher (h/t to slacktivist for the link).
May you all, and all of yours, find what you seek, as well as the Hot Wheels "Spin City" of your dreams...

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holly said...

This time of year, brings up a few religion thoughts for me too. So many religious symbols in our face right now.
Being raised in a fundamentalist Christian home, I snarl at most all "Christians" now (inwardly more than outwardly) Seeing so many hateful & judgmental things done in the name of Christ...or Allah, or whoever.
I don't know what my faith is. I know I don't believe in the same God I was brought up with. And actually, I'm good with that. A lot less pressure. I don't know the answers, and don't have to. Not sure there are any, either.
Stuff just is. That in itself is a lot to get my head around.