Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas in Photos

If you're interested, you might scroll down a bit - I've downloaded a bunch of Christmas picures and come across several real beauties that I uploaded in seperate posts below this one.

But here's the Cliff's Notes Version: a Fire Direction Christmas Day. Beginning with Himself, in full-on Greed Mode, ready to tear into the Loot.
That's one happy Mommy - able to emerge from her usual position underneath a pile of wriggling offspring.
Daddy...looks pretty happy his own self. Probably a slug of Irish coffee too much.
What a sweet girl!
Even mommies get a break after spending all morning helping their progeny unwrap their prezzies. Miss Lily, as usual, is ALWAYS on break.
Fat Nitty chanced the snow on the hope that a junco or three might be moving slowly - no joy (for The Nitteous One, anyway).

More Loot.Finally, the slaughter was done and all lay quiet in the Vale of Armageddon
Keep going for more - I promise some of the best Missy Pictures Evah!

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