Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Si jeunesse savait...

This comes off a post to our China adoption support board - and with it a shoutout to the ALT-DTC06 gang: all of January in March!! A guy an dream, can't he?Anyway, the theme was; you can go back and tell your 14-year-old self three things. What are they?

1. Get off your slacker ass and study. Those books won't read themselves y'know. You're gonna slide through on a "C" and end up getting out of the Army working at Jiffy Lube. See if I'm lyin'.

2. That damn girl who keeps pestering you? She's doing it 'cause she's sweet and cute and she's crazy about you. Ask her out. Buy her a flower. Go dancing. She's a great kid and you should be good to her, because love is a gift you won't receive very often - when you do, you need to cherish it.

3. Go out for lacrosse. Write a story. Sing. Kiss your Mom and Dad - you won't have the chance soon enough. Clean your room - it's a goddam pigsty. Quit dreaming and DO. You can sleep when you're dead.

Oh, and those porn mags under your mattress? Your mom knows about them.


Mrs. Vandertramp said...

sigh. All of January in March would be woooonderful. Hey, even half of January in March would have me swooning with joy. I'd have to give my younger-self-advice some thought, if I wanted it to be at all useful to hypothetical younger me.

walternatives said...

Jiffy Lube, eh?

Happy Valentine's to you and yours, Chief.