Friday, February 29, 2008


If I could have anything I wished for...then tonight, after all the birthday fun, I would sit quietly at the bottom of your big girl bed with you all cuddled up, bright-eyed, with your plush friends and warm jammies and cozy blankets and read this to you:

"So -- here I am in the dark alone;
There's nobody here but me
I think to myself
I play to myself
And nobody knows what I say to myself.
Here I am in the dark alone
what is it going to be?
I can think whatever I like to think
I can play whaver I like to play
I can laugh whatever I like to laugh
There's nobody here but me."

Darling, I'm sorry you are in the dark alone. Daddy and Mommy couldn't stop those stars from going out inside your head one by one until the last little glimmer of light faded away. You left us so soon; you left us with an empty place inside that will always bear your name.

Bryn Rose Gellar 3/1/02-3/2/02


Anonymous said...

bryn's forsythia bush in my backyard is just about to bloom again. I always think of her, and of you all, when I see it.

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