Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Not sure why this caught my eye, but I saw this on the Fred Meyer checkout stand and actually had to go back and look again to see if I got it right the first time.

I know that Cosmo is still the glossy-rag-of-the-hip-thirteen-year-old, but..


And Ralph Nader is running again.

Maybe the fundies are right: the End of Times is closer than we think.

P.S. Extra "eeeewwww" credit for the use of the term "lovely lady parts".

Update 2/26 p.m.: So now I'm curious...what is the oddest knickname you've ever heard for the...umm..."bikini area"? Boy or girl bits, whatever...ever heard one that really stayed with you?


atomic mama said...

But who DOESN'T want to know the "fascinating new facts." That phrase gets me just as much as those adjectives!!


atomic mama said...

A message to Ralph.

Cut and paste:


walternatives said...

Va jay jay? Apparently, this is much catchier than vagina, but it's too cutesy for me, thanks. Guess they couldn't put "twat" on the cover, though, could they? Va jay jay my ass.

Debra Sue said...

How about Dew Bunny?

Yeah, that's not gross...

FDChief said...

I've heard two that stick with me:

"Man-root" for him.

"Puff-puff" for her.

The latter was a Peeper invention. When he found out that Mommy didn't have a "woo-woo" like he does, e asked him what Mommy did have. He called it.

"Puff-puff". Sounds cute, doesn't it?