Friday, July 04, 2008

Peeps go Fourth

Chilly morning for a holiday, the sort that is improved out of recognition by cartoons and Captain Crunch with CrunchberriesTM...Much snuggling and giggling and spilling of cereal was observed

Although NOT by the mommy, who hugged her pillow and prayed for sleep.

Although the little peeps were pretty noisy, Mojo did get a little extra sleep and looked pretty happy about that. Everybody got busy and cleaned up the house, did some laundry and had breakfast.After a visit to our local park, we decided to try and do some drywalling. Peeper and his friend Oddy helped by climbing trees and playing guns with their foam-dart armory.

But all the help we needed came in the form of Handy Missy, the Littlest Carpenter. She measured and swept like she had posted a construction bond, picked up dropped drywall screws and tried to hand Daddy the big piece of sheetrock bigger than her!

What a super helper!So between Mom, Dad and Missy we got the two difficult pieces of sheetrock cut and in place...

...several of the smaller pieces (with fewer internal angles!) cut, and the main parts of the window corner covered.

Mind you, I still hate fucking sheetrock.

Here's Mom and Miss cleaning up the remnants of the old drywall and screws prior to putting up the new:Of course, there had to be some dinner in there somewhere...

Mom and Little Miss ate right on the job site.

Lily the cat came slashing in to snatch a piece of bratwurst right off Missy's plate! That cat is getting shameless in her dotage. If she was human I swear she'd be wearing purple and forgetting to put her shoes on.

Of course, any 4th of July dinner has to have corn-on-the-cob...Bet they didn't serve this at the orphanage refectory in Dongguan.

Note, however, the Americanization of Emily: no hands, ma! The girl has a genuine love of the fruit of the maize plant, and isn't too proud to get stuck right in.

Get some, Missy.

And, of course, there had to be some fireworks. Little Pea loved the color and lights, the fireflowers blooming percussively in the night sky. So a happy Fourth was had by all here. Hope you and yours enjoyed a similarly happy and exuberant Fourth. May you have secured the blessings of Liberty for yourself and your posterity...for another year.

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Red Sand (aka Mrs. V) said...

Happy 4th! I'll admit, those pictures have succeeded in making me hungry and thirsty. May the sheetrock finish smoothly and quickly...