Thursday, July 24, 2008

Throwing recklessness to the winds

I had to add a brief update to yesterday's Tour post after the exciting finish on the Alpe d'Huez.We lost our babysitter but were blessed by the arrival of the lovely Nola, mommy Millicent and daddy Floyd to eat, play and watch the Tour. A thermonuclear level of kidlet energy was released in the house, much shouting was directed towards the screen, there were some tears but lots of laughs and hugs and Nola cried when she had to go home. We miss you, too, Nola! Come back and bounce on the bed whenever you like, sweetie. You and your mom and dad are totally the ginchiest and we love having you!

Anyway, having had a second day to watch Team CSC, I'm less inclined to be all about them. They needed to attack - really, they needed to attack on both the Alpe AND the Col de la Croix de Fer - to put Cadel Evans in trouble. They didn't, and from the interviews it sounds like they had no tactical plan other than to ride tempo and hope for someone to crack. But their tempo wasn't punishing enough. Sastre gained only about 90 seconds on Evans, and the Lotto rider can gain that back and more on Saturday. I think CSC has missed their chance. We'll see.

It really has been a fun Tour this year!


mike said...

Looks like Team Columbia - sponsored by one of your local Portland companies - did well well yesterday.

And their team supposedly does their own internal drug testing in addition to the testing done by the Tour.

But enough about bike racing. I hope you will be celebrating the 21st Amendment this weekend at the Oregon Brewer's Festival. I am crying in my storebought beer that I won't be there. But at least this year the powers that be let in some fine brews made by brewmeisters in the geat state of Washington. Try the "Quilters Irish Death" stout from the Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg. Or, for something more local, try the "Vancouver IPA" made just across the river from your fair city by the Hazel Dell Brewery.

FDChief said...

I went last night, and, yes, there were some terrific brews.

God love Portland