Friday, February 06, 2009

Hey! This isn't a quesadilla...!

I can only imagine the scene at Shanghai's swinging-est Mexican cantina. But apparently I wasn't imgining quite far enough:

Maybe I'm being unreasonable, here, but...shouldn't you know whether you're a prostitute or not?

And if YOU don' does the bouncer know?

Ths must be one of those cross-cultural things they don't explain at the Families with Children from China get-togethers. Lion dances? Yes. Kung fu? Yep. Moon Festival? Gotcha covered.

Figuring out whether or not you're a prostitute?

Not so much.



Red Sand said...

I can think of a few people who have prostituted themselves, although perhaps not in the traditional sense, and I don't think they've recognized it yet. Maybe their bouncers function as self-realization coaches on the side, a sort of 'find yourself' service for those who worry if they've sold their soul.

sheerahkahn said...

Okay, that Chief, has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen written on a sign board.
I'm still cracking up over that part, "ask one of our security guards, they'll sort it out for you."

Lisa said...


Carolyn said...

I haven't visited for a while, but I have to say, it was worth coming around!
Loved the Barack Skywalker photo... not to mention the restaurant sign- where do you get them!?!