Friday, February 27, 2009

Private Time

Ah, they grow up so fast...Little Miss, as you can see, is becoming quite the Big Girl. In fact, she'll tell you just that; "I'm Big Girl!" she'll announce when you ask "Who's my baby girl?" "I'm not little - I'm big!" she crows.

I'm beginning to think she may be right.

The other morning we were rushing about getting ready for work, school and daycare when the Peeper flew into the bathroom needing to drain the hose. This, of course, meant that young lady immediately attempted to seize the porcelain high ground, shrieking "I gotta pee!", an arrant falsehood. I restrained Little so that Big could do his thing, and then told her that she could go about her business.Keep in mind that she's only been using the big toilet seat for a couple of months now, and we are accustomed to helping steady her on the seat. NOT that morning. She wriggled and struggled, her little pink pants around her knees, until I leaned back to see what the problem was.

"Do you want some help, sweetie?" I asked, and received a stern little headshake.

"No!" the watering can announced, "Private Time!"

I stepped back. "Are you sure, little Max?"

An impatient hand flipped me towards the hallway.

"Close the door!" she barked. I did.But daddies aren't quite obsolete yet. After urinating and wiping and flushing, she still had her pants down around her knees and I had to pull them up.


walternatives said...

She's always gonna need you, Daddy-O. Always. Thanks for the updated pics.

Lisa said...

"She still had her pants down around her knees" . . . Hmmmm, the potential snarky responses are manifold this a.m., and I shall restrain myself. She is very cute.

FDChief said...

Lisa: don't feel the need to restrain yourself - we don't!

When she first came home from China she did this thing where as soon as you brought out the clean diaper she would flop down and throw her legs in the air. She's incredibly flexible - in fact, the physical therapist at her IE screening warned us to be careful doing things with her that we'd do with Shea, like airpane rides and swinging from the shoulders - and she could touch her toes to the mattress above her head without difficulty.

The first time she did this I was amazed. Mojo called me over to look at her and I made a face at the thoughts that came to mind.

"Right now it's cute." I said "but if she's still doing it fourteen years from now she's going to be voted the Most Popular Girl at Roosevelt High and I'm gonna be one unhappy daddy."

She doesn't do it anymore...

Lisa said...

Well...I do think you got the gist of it.