Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogrolling Friday: Ginandtacos

Came across :this and laughed my fucking ass off.The high point? Here:
"If however, you and your unemployable band of pothead hobbyists are enticed by the prospect of a free open bar stocked with the finest of suburban banquet hall well-liquor and an opportunity to run a train on the most whorish collection of self-entitled bridesmaids this side of a Sex In The City marathon, please contact me. There's probably dinner in it for you too, if the starched vagina of a "wedding planner" (bride's bff) can get her 3rd rung caterer to leave a few sandwiches in a storage closet for you at some point in the evening."
Go and read it all. Pure Craigslist comedy gold.

While you're over at ginandtacos poke around a little. There's some good stuff there.

Back in a little with Friday jukebox.

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