Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Jukebox I: Amazing Grace

Amazing voice, too, that Laura Love.I miss her earlier sound of "Octoroon" and "Pangaea" - I think she got more with the fiddle player; she was less polished but more personal. But either way a very emotional and powerful musician.

While I'm here I should tell my Laura Love story. Very early on in our love affair - I think we were still dating and in the experimental stage - my bride and I went to see her at the Aladdin Theatre here in Portland. This was sometime back in 2001 or 2002, before Dubya drove her completely bugnuts (note to prospective musicians; righteous anger does not often lead you to create really good music. Just sayin') and she was very, very good. We had a lovely evening, made more memorable by this little fellow, a goatish sort of small, balding but barbate man, who insisted on capering - and that's the only way to describe his progress, capering - up and down the aisle. What made his dance more chevrilicious was that every so often he'd make finger-horns at his temples and throw in an extra frisk or two.

He was quite satyrical, and it added immensely to our enjoyment of the evening.

Ahem. Anyway, check out her website to see if she's going to be in your area; she's a fine musician and very well worth the journey to listen to.

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Lisa said...

I love the story of the goaty (goatee?) man.