Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missy's Annunciation

Kiddos are funny little creatures. Our little one, for example, has become fascinated lately by her parents' anniversary (which was last Wednesday, BTW).

This has manifested itself in several ways, including repeated requests to look at the wedding pictures, conversations about the day, and, most recently, several pictures by the young artist celebrating the wedding and showing her parents in various guises.This was her work from the actual anniversary morning. In case the symbology is hard to understand, I have included an annotated version below. The figure on the left is Mommy, with bridal crown and flower "because it's pretty". You will note that her big brother is present in utero, since an essential part of the story is his presence at the wedding in Mommy's tummy.Daddy is on the left, with his hair standing out like he is licking an electrical outlet. The curlique at my neck is a combination of a bowtie, which she has seen in the pictures, and a ribbon, "because it's pretty".

Overhead Missy herself descends like an angel in a Renaissance painting, complete with widespread dress at the bottom, which I understand is a tutu.At any rate, I thought you'd enjoy this glimpse into the Little Girl's mind. She loved drawing it, and considers it among the finest Western artwork.

I tend to agree.

But I might be biased, mind you.

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Lisa said...

Missy's positioning of herself shows a well-balanced young mind, and is an attribute to her parenting.