Sunday, April 14, 2013

Too little to fail

So it turns out that - surprise - after former Superintendent Michelle Rhee threatened her teachers and their principals with the axe if they didn't get their students' test scores up (and the students were largely the usual inner-city no-hopers) they did what any sane human being would have done. They cheated.


What the fuck, people? Have I been talking to the goddamn wall here? We've been over this again and again and again; if you make MY success dependent on YOUR performance I will do my best to help you succed. But I will proceed to flog and beat and generally fuck you up if you fail.

And if you are a congenital fuckup to begin with, then I will lie and cheat my ass off to get past your deadweight ass and save my livelihood. I will recognize that I am better off taking a chance by cheating than to trust my future to you.

Anyone who doesn't believe that is true is a fool, or a grifter, or too good for this world.

Michelle Rhee is either one of those, or a bit of all of them.

And I am neither surprised nor disturbed by these "revelations". They were foredoomed from the moment she decided to put the livings of the people who worked for her in the hands of their students.


Ael said...

Yes, Chief you have been talking to a wall.

It is on these firm foundations that our civilization is based.

Sleep tight.

basilbeast said...

And education if full of these grifters.

The only thing worse are the politicians who use education as a political football.


basilbeast said...

another truism

don't post while half asleep ;)

FDChief said...

basil; Yeah, unfortunately, you're right. Just read something about how at least one of Rhee's kids is in private school. So "high-stakes testing for thee but not for me", eh?