Monday, April 21, 2008

Gotta fly

I may be off-line for a while.

I'm back to playing the Dirt Nanny again for the next week, so I'm off to Lincoln City and may be there for some time. The commute is a bee-yotch, and the option of staying overnight is attractive when the weather is bad enough to add to the ugliness of the drive.

While I'm busy berating contractors for their sloth and other Deadly Sins, here's a sort of open thread question to discuss:

"China - future economic colossus, world power player and producer of adorable toddlersor future existential threat to the U.S.?"

Oh, and picture at the top is me (hard to tell, yes, I know) jumpmastering a CH-47 over Venado Drop Zone in Panama, 1986. The 'hook was a fun bird to jump - you just walked off the tailgate - but a bitch to JM. I can remember squinting into the rotor wash while hanging over the edge of the tailgate thinking "I can't see a fucking thing and I wouldn't blame me if I put myself into the trees and I need to remember that if I do."

Good times. Good times.

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sheerahkahn said...

I will never understand anyone's desire to jump out of a perfectly good areoplane...the idea seems pretty nutty to me. many thoughts, so little space.

China is a juggernaut unleashed, but the simple thing is that it's not a wild dragon crashing through the earth, smashing everything in it's way. Rather, I see China much like that tsunami wiped everything out a few years one will see it coming...until that wall of water rises out of nowhere and wipes everything out.