Thursday, April 03, 2008


In honor of Thor's 24th month...

Here's the Peeper when he was one and a half. I could wish that the picture had the lovely reflective quality of Millicent's, below, but then I'd be wishing for a different child. The Peep isn't what you'd call a reflective sort of lad.

He was good in his mommy's shoes, though. He'd glide around clomp-clumping in her pumps while we'd sing the refrain from Aerosmith's "Dude looks like a lady". To this day the Peeper can sing "Du-du-du-duuuuude looks like a laaadeee..."


I've been feeling pissy and out of sorts lately. Work, home improvement, family - all feeling like they're bearing down on me - last night I had a vicious "I want an adult life back" attack and was miserable and damn surly and grumpy to all within range. I know I need to be about this. I know I can and I need to just straighten up and do it.

But I really want to stomp my feet and whine. It's not grown-up and it's not pretty, but there it is.

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walternatives said...

Wait a sec - are we supposed to be grown-up and pretty At All Times? I didn't get those commandments. Where'd you get yours? Whine if you need to, but, since they repeat every-little-thing, may be keep it from the kids, eh?

Have a hissy when you need to...