Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why would anyone say this...?

Let me say that, beyond holding the unshakeable opinion that the GOP of 2008 combines all the enlightened social compassion of the North-American Man-Boy Love Association with the economic acumen of Kenny Boy Lay's Enron and the geopolitical cunning of a Palestinian police brass band, the Chief holds no brief with either of the Democratic contenders in this year's race. It is his fixed opinion - as will be discussed in "SPQR III" - that the political system in the United States is broken by lucre and influence, and the personality of whatever tribune survives the hideous talk-show version of our cursus honorum will be utterly immaterial to the broad reach of U.S. policy. So Hillary or Obama - whatever...That said, the only real difference offered in this race is between the parties rather than between the individuals. "Straight Talk" McCain offers us Dubya's Third Term with more botox and less...I'm not sure what less. Fiscal sanity?

While either Democrat offers a chance to reconsider whether trying to become some sort of half-assed empire while mortgaging the imperial treasury to the Chinese and dividing the country between the have-mores and the have-diddly-squat is a really good idea.

So who the hell in their right mind would say this:

"Perhaps the only disturbing news for Obama in the survey is that most Clinton voters (56%) say they are not likely to vote for the Illinois Senator in the general election against John McCain. A month ago, 45% of Clinton voters said they were not likely to vote for Obama against McCain."

Have you ever spent any time arguing with a drunk? Not a knee-walking, high-schooled, ready-to-pass-out-type drunk, but one of those had-just-enough-beer-to-be-stupid drunks? This is like that kind of stupid. This is an adolescent you-won't-let-me-go-out-with-Bobby-so-I'm-hooking-up-with-Mr.-Riddle-the-paroled-rapist-and-registered-sex-offender kind of stupid. I used a Clinton supporters quote but this isn't just a Clinton thing - Obama's people have said something similar.

This is nuts, folks. Nuts. A Democrat - ANY kind of Democrat - picking Dubya's Prison Punk over another Democrat? WTF??!! Am I smoking crack? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Jesus wept. As I said; the system is broken, broken beyond repair. But I want to talk more thoroughly about this a bit later, it's 4:20 and I have to get back to wall building.

On the upside, I did get to see my daughter awake and laughing last night, and an adorable little tyke she is. And I am sorry I couldn't take you to work with me, Peeper; you are the sweetest little guy EVAH.


mike said...

Both sides have said this. Obama himself has said words to the effect that: "...his supporters would not likely vote for Clinton". His wife has implied that she may not support Clinton. This whole thing is tearing the Democratic party apart. So muchfor the big tent theory.

If Senator Obama gets the nod I will vote for him in November. He may even make a half-ass decent Prez. But no matter what I will always detest those of his attack dog supporters who have used Karl Rove tactics to trash Mrs Clinton's reputation.


walternatives said...

I'm holding out that come November, people will understand that we're spending billions on Bagdhad (have you seen the American Embassy there? JFC!) but not able to fill up the tank nor pantry here at home... Honestly, the Goob and I are wondering if it might be a good time to live/work in Europe for a couple years. If McCain gets to Penn Ave., we'll just have to.

Glad you had some recent Tot-Time. I know your family misses you mucho lately.

FDChief said...

Mike: note the correction to the post above. This is not just a Clinton thing. Obama's people have threatened the same thing.

That said: we need to remember something here: our brothers before our cousins; our cousins before the strangers. Nothing either Democratic candidate has done - NOTHING - justifies a vote to continue the criminally incompetent GOP rule for a day longer than need be. If Hillary Darling and Barak Dear are so important, so magical, that we can't hold our noses and vote for a Democrat - ANY Democrat - in November, we need to think hard about the Fuhrerprinzip, what it means to live in a republic and what we should be looking for in a Chief Executive.

If the person and not the platform is your idee fixee then you have transmuted the term "civil servant" into "civil master".

Publius said...

I agree strongly with you here, Chief. And, Mike, neither of the Democratic camps has exactly covered itself with glory: the sliming has gone both ways. Let's not forget that. Hillary is no prize; nor is Obama.

I frankly don't care for either Obama or Clinton (especially two Clintons). But vote for McCain to show your pique? C'mon. If one is so much in love with one Democrat that he/she just can't vote for the other, I'd rather see a vote for Nader instead.

mike said...

FDChief & Publius:

I believe I said that I would vote for Senator Obama if he is the party's nominee. If I did not make that clear, then I repeat it again. And yes, I would hold my nose when voting for him - not because of Obama himself, but for the stench of the rottweilers that surround him.

He could end up doing a good job in the White house if he sheds himself of some of the dittohead true believers.

But the fun is not over yet and the good Senator from Illinois is not yet the appointed one. If he denies seating the Florida and Michigan delegates then McCain will win and the country will end up as toast over the next four years.


mike said...


I disagree strongly with your second sentence about the sliming going both ways.

Clinton did not invent Tony Rezko. She did not dig up dirt on the Rezko/Obama connection - the Chicago Sun Times printed stories about their connection for a long time prior to his throwing his hat in the presidential ring. And she never brought it up until he tried to sucker punch her on WalMart. I have always admired people who fight back, especially those that can counterpunch. She does it well.

She did not invent Pastor Wright either. And ABC did the deed on that, not some black-hat dirty-tricks squad from the Clinton campaign. I myself have no problem with the Goddamn America comment. I have probably said a lot worse in private when we as a country elected and re-elected Junior Bush. But I have problems with some of Wright's other comments.

In the end, as FDC says, we need to stop bickering and unite. I am not sure that is going to happen. Last Saturday we had our county conventions here in Washington to select state delegates. There was a ton of mistrust between the Obama and Clinton camps. There were cries of "liar" and claims of cheating during the credentials certification. Instead of two different wings of the Democratic party it was more like Shias and Sunnis. We have a long way to go.


FDChief said...

"There were cries of "liar" and claims of cheating during the credentials certification. Instead of two different wings of the Democratic party it was more like Shias and Sunnis. We have a long way to go."

We only have 'til November, folks. If every Dempartisan is as angry and resentful as Mike is sounding about this, we will lose. I promise it. And, as the Nader traitors showed us in 2000, that will be way worse than either Democrat would have been.

sheerahkahn said...

I'm one of those who will vote for either Obama or Clinton, since both have the smell of an overused cesspool about them, I can't tell the difference between either one. But here's the ante on the table...I'll be a damned fool if I voted for McCain.
So for me, right now, I ignore the putz's on the dem's side. Once they figured it out, that one will get my vote.