Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still Life with Fire Truck

Here's this month's Vanity Fair cover models:
Thor of Different Dirt - two in April, 2008
The Peeper of Graphic Firing Table - five in May, 2008

Many thanks to Millicent (Thor's Mom) for the studio quality portrait. I'm beyond impressed. You are the Sargent of the digital camera.

Update 5/2: Millicent points out quite correctly that the funny hidden within this picture is that these two solemn revelers are at Thor's birthday party. Do those faces say "let happiness and joy be unconfined", or what? But she also correctly adds that they loosened up a bit later on. The foam rockets helped.


Millicent said...

You failed to mention what we had named the photograph..."Happiness and Joy"...for more than obvious reasons. It's a birthday party for goodness sakes and it looks like these kids are at a funeral. I have to say the party definitely got bumpin' later on though...

wzgirl said...

I love that picture...and that there is more to the story as I just read in Millicent's comment.


FDChief said...

"It's a birthday party for goodness sakes and it looks like these kids are at a funeral."

I know. Priceless. But look at all the J.S. Sargent portraits at the website I linked to. Common denominator? Not a smile to be had. That was why my first thought when I saw your snapshot was one of those stiff Edwardian formal portraits. All they need is Jezebel with a big blue bow sitting on the couch next to them.

Like I said: terrific picture. It's not everyone who can reproduce the style AND the substance of an Impressionist portraitist with a digital camera. Just you, girlfriend.