Saturday, September 06, 2008

Working again...

...this weekend. Some people just don't know when to stop. In at ten to get some paperwork finished...

"It's a sacrifice working day to day
for little money just tips for pay
But it's worth it all
just to hear them say that they care"...and then done at the office waiting to go and test some wall backfill...

"CB in a rut, work hard for the money
Trust me boo, play hard for the money
Even if it's trippin', hey it's a living
Just make sure them old men is tippin'
Even the ones that be actin' hard
Put my mack down then get platinum cards
Girls pop they four's, even drop they drawz
For the pool, the house and the parquae floors
Wanna take me out, don't need no roll
Impress me baby, my kids need clothes
If even I'm nervous, been out there flirtin'
One things certain, I'm always workin'"A call! But it's the Peeper, wanting to come to work with me! Well, c'mon, Peep, let's go!

"Show the world that I can
Make it by doin'
doin', doin' doin'
By doin' hard work

By doin' hard work
By doin' hard work
Hard work"

And here we are out on the jobsite; the Peeper looks like "a real Construction Man" just like he says, doesn't he! I love you, Peep!"James Brown was a friend of mine
Liked to dance at a quick time.
If The Godfather was here today
This is what, a what he'd say:

Hard work singin real hard work
Hard work-work, work, hard work.
This job is ah real hard work
Hard work-work, work, hard work."

Gotta run - the field reports are calling. Later!


Lisa said...

And to Donna Summer, I would add some 'Retha: "Respect." But I'm sure you already get your "propers" when you get home.

Sorry you had to work this weekend.

basilbeast said...

Something fun for the workin' man.

"Sarah Palin's Big Speech" I lost it when "what happens if there's a big crisis and she gets the Holy Ghost"?