Friday, February 26, 2010

Cultural imperia...what IS that thing..?

Does anyone else find this "tumescent-blue-robot-and-Korean-schoolgirls" thing disturbing?It's from the blog "Gusts of Popular Feeling", where the author discusses Korea's official desire to be rid of those pesky foreigners currently used to teach the lingua anglia of technological civilization to the residents of the Land of the Morning Calm.

We're so used to being the biggest racists on the block that it can be surprising to find other peoples just as prejudiced as we are. But one thing our cultural prejudices do is blind us to the realities of the places and peoples we encounter. The people inhabiting the Korean peninsula have been ferocious fighters for centuries, invaders and conquerors whenever possible, and like most aggressive, self-confident cultures tend to be a leeeetle bit xenophobic.

Whether or not the Korean government succeeds in replacing their foreign teachers with robots, the fundamental nature of people won't change. Many Koreans will always find those funny, pale-faced, rude, noisy, horny outlanders a nasty inconvenience at best.

But the little blue woody on the robot? Ew.


sheerahkahn said...

You think that is bad...there's a guy who developed a "companion robot" for shut ins.
Basically, the robot would be able to automate a call to the fire department, doctors, police in case the person needed emergency assistance, and on top of all that provide "companionship" to the person so that they were not a lone.
Kind of a full time, all the time nurse.
Well, the guy finds that Medicare says, "nah, ain't paying for that mess." and since his company is in the hole for a whole lot of money...guess where he turns too?

You know it...the Adult entertainment industry.
He now has orders, and more money to turn his "companions robots" into full time "surrogate companion" robots.
Oh yeah, welcome to the future!

Why the sex toy, I ask?
Why can't I have my representative futuristic piece of technology be something far more practical like my flying car?
That's all I'm asking for...just a flying car...just one.
Pretty please!

Lisa said...

Very icky.