Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Talking to myself

Not feelin' the love here lately; is it me? Lots of posts without comment, or with a single comment or two. Barely a peep after the last "decisive battle" post in January. I'm wondering if I'm losing my edge.

I don't do this solely for my own amusement; there's enough people out there blogging the way people whistle in an empty room, just to make noise and hear themselves speak. I don't want to do that. I don't expect to be Atrios or Digby but if I'm not saying anything worth listening to, then I should stop.

I'd sure as hell get more sleep...

Just wondering, on a rainy sort of day.


Ael said...

I'm a faithful reader.
However, I try to comment only when I can add some bit of value.

Also, in the interests of having a larger discussion, I tend to post on milpub when you have crossposted articles.

Charles Gittings said...

I read most of them, but I've been highly preoccupied of late, between my career as a science experiment and my preposterous little project.

Pluto said...

Lately you've mostly been posting fun,family-oriented stuff. Based on my own experience, this is fun but doesn't generate many comments.

Anonymous said...

I follow your writing here and on Milpub. Your family is a joy and any comments would be presumptuous. As for military history and your remarks on the conduct of the current wars, there's nothing of value that I could add. Silence merely indicates respect.

Podunk Paul

rangeragainstwar said...

I go thru the same self examination-frequently.
The strange thing that i notice is that the articles that really ring my bell never seem to get a cmt. This perplexes my brain.
The arts that sometimes are less substantive get a lot of play.??Go figgur.
I have no advice for you b/c you have a firm handle on what you're doing.Lisa always tells me to be more personable and revealing which i resist. You cover this base well and also do the objective stuff in fine form.
I don't believe that everyone wants to comment.

Barry said...

That's just the way that things go - sometimes life puts a cramp on blogging, sometimes people don't comment on a particular post. Sometimes commenters are cramped by life - I took two weeks off of work, and didn't read blogs much. Then came back to a nice pile o' stuff.

Pluto said...

Jim: "The strange thing that i notice is that the articles that really ring my bell never seem to get a cmt."

Podunk Paul hit the nail on the head. We read your best stuff and go away to think about it because its so good. We can't add anything to your absolute best stuff because it stands so tall on its own and to comment on it would merely display our own ignorance.

That applies to most of the posters at the Milpub as well.

Lisa said...


I am always your faithful reader, though sometimes a few days late to the gate. Your military commentary overwhelms me, so I just stand in awe.

I think your readers are most appreciative of what you offer. I know I am.

Don Francisco said...

I'm more of a lurker than a commenter, but do keep up the good work, you have a nice range of articles written with real character and passion. And to echo the previous commenter, your military commentary is 2nd to none.

Not that I'm suggesting you do, but if you reviewed any Scottish military history, you could guarantee I would put in my two pence!

EGrise said...

I'm a lurker too, but I love your military history posts and, well, everything else too. Please continue!