Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Freshly Fresh and Newly New

I thought I'd throw out some snapshots of what's new here at the Fire Direction Center. Here's little Miss, in one of her new ballerina dresses. Her smile is always new as a sunrise, that girl.Meanwhile, in the yard lots of new growth outside. February or no, the Northwest is seldom anything if not green.One of the newest family members came home with me from IKEA; that's the Peep's new pal "Sharkey". He's kind of a Mega Shark. Only not THAT Mega Shark.That's me, and I'm not new, of course. The other new member of the household is on the desk in the left foreground. That's the second IKEA stuffed "friend", Missy's little rat "Nibbles". Though he's a rat, in his defense, he IS very soft.This is NOT a good thing, although it and its bretheren are relatively new. Enlarge the photo and note the elongate ovoid in the center. We appear to have some sort of small moth infestation, and every night these grubs crawl down from the attic and infest the kitchen ceiling. Nasty.I fear that I'm going to have to call in an alpha strike with one of those noxious bug bombs in the attic. Ugh.

Here's something nicer - the new growth that suddenly awoke from the front yard garden bed this week. Not sure what they are - I know two kinds of plants, one's a fern and the other isn't - but they are bloody leaping from the ground like Cadmus men.The morning is new, and I need to get some sleep before it gets any older - g'night!


Lisa said...

I do like the rat, and have always liked the real ones, too. Let's say, admired them. They are God's creatures, too, but get such a bad rap, along with snakes.

I admire their resourcefulness. And "Norbert the Rat" was a favorite childhood tune ("There was a rat named Norbert, that sailed upon a ship/ He was hated by the captain, and hunted by the crew")

I think it is a great disservice to genus Rattus to call a bad human a "rat".

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!