Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talking back

The other day I was feeling kinda snivel-y and wondered if anyone was out there reading. I have to say that y'all helped turn my frown upside down, campers. And I wanted to make sure I answered back to those of you who commented, so;

ael: I appreciate the shoutout, and I do know you're there - I always get a lot from your observations.

Charles: I do understand, and your other priority needs to be staying healthy. Hope you're feeling better.

Pluto: Good points, which I why I had to go with lard. You can't NOT have something to say about lard. But I'm as vain as the next guy, so even a "Hey, nice post, liked it" is a worthwhile comment. Let's me know I'm within my Probable Error of Range (see Jim's comment, below).

Paul: Ta.

Jim: Check and rog. The problem I have when there's no comments is the lack of adjustments - I'm not sure if I'm in the right grid square. OF course I do this to entertain myself, but I also try to make it readable for you all. Unless I get something - even a "round unobserved" - it's hard for me to figure out if I'm doing things right or just completely messed up...

Barry: Point well taken. Thing is, I feel like I've been on a blogging roll (blogroll?) lately. But the lack of comments made me question whether I'd lost the mojo or not...

Lisa: (blush)

Don Francisco: Check back in April and May, then, when it's All-Scotland All The Time. April's DB is Culloden, May's is a little known fight from the Civil War called Auldearn. The former shows what happens when you have no real strategy and make the stupid mistake of letting your enemy maneuver you into a decisive battle you don't want, the latter shows that you can, as Sun Tzu said, win 100 battles and still lose if you don't know your enemy and yourself.

EGrise: Thanks - encouragment is always good.

Up next: the Decisive Battle (or Campaign, perhaps, is a better word) for February - Tet, 1968.


Lisa said...

Your mojo is always working ;)

rangeragainstwar said...

I think u sell yourself short, this is more than amusing yourself-if this were your goal you could simply play with your private parts and be done with it.
Sometimes i wonder if there's a grid square that is mine to occupy.

rangeragainstwar said...

I'll suggest Lang Vei as a next Feb article.

FDChief said...

Jim: You see that Tet is the DB for February. I think I'll post a separate discussion of Lang Vei, in that it brings up a lot of things that went wrong in the RVN that are still going wrong in the highlands of central Asia...

Don Francisco said...

Can't wait to read what you have to say about Culloden and Auldearn, looking forward to it!