Friday, May 02, 2008

Crouching Toddler, Hidden Mommy

I'm not going to link to her. Her blog is password protected, anyway, and she enjoys her privacy.

She also enjoys canoeing, archaeology, the desert, rehabs injured birdlife and is the whipper-in of a troop of backyard hounds, could throw a mean elbow and is all-around a pretty outstanding person.

But until this week, she hasn't been able to be the one thing she'd like most. And now she is.

Yesterday, in an all time short-turnaround (14 days!!) LOI-to-LOA workup, she can now put the official "Mama" in "Atomic Mama".

Congratulations to you, AM, and your esposo intimado, and especially to your brand-new little man, your bold little warrior with his banana-sword.


In the words of my dear Mojo, we're so happy for you we could bite ourselves.

1 comment:

atomic mama said...

I'm so happy I could bite me too!!

Thanks for the lovely words.

We now return to our regularly scheduled form-filling, list-making, and accidentally recycling paperwork prematurely freak out.