Monday, May 19, 2008

Hark! Hark!

One of the nice things about the past weekend's weather - ranging from uncomfortably hot to merely unseasonably warm - was that everyone got to get out their summer clothes and pretend that we live in Sauselito.

Friday morning I stopped at one of my breakfast spots, the Madrona Hill Bakery, on the way to work downtown. This pleasant little bakery/cafe is right on North Greeley in the Overlook/Arbor Lodge frontier, and always offers a light, airy space and tempting pastries to go with my mornng coffee.

As I sat waiting for the latte machine and eyeing the headlines with caution the first of the morning's Greeley boulevardiers strolled in, got her drink and sat down with books, laptop and croissant. She was perfectly and sleekly turned out, and my eyes were drawn to the most unlikely of places: her feet.

She had a perfect pedicure; her feet buffed and lotioned to a rosy glow, nails shaped and immaculately polished a bright, cheerful red. Comfy sandals and her relaxed posture said louder than any words that she was ready for a satisfying day; happy to be here, now, pleased with herself and the sunny morning.

The sudden summer day mercilesly exposed who had been taking care of their dogs and who hadn't; flip-flops and sandals revealed some nicely cared for feet along with some that had obviously just been shoved into sneakers all winter.

And, guys? We're just hopeless; most of those dogs are BARKIN'! In seven years as a grunt medic I've not seen such a mess. At least cut your toenails before breaking out the Tevas, geez! Half of us look like Hindu fakirs. Eek!

Speaking of which - I've gotta go put mine into my work boots. It's another busy day.


Mrs. Vandertramp said...

I've been seeing pictures on blogs of people in shorts. I'm writhing in a mess of jealousy mingled with incredulity. Is it really warm enough somewhere to forgo the socks and winter layers? My toes and other foot-ly features continue to hide from public view...

mike said...

I spent our 80 degree weekend sitting on the deck, barefooted with feet propped up to the sun, trying to air out the microscopic army that I suspect is in defilade between my toes. Next weekend a good hour long wade in the ocean is in order, or maybe find a barefoot-friendly golf course.

As far as looking good, that is what socks with sandals are for here in the great northwest.

FDChief said...

MrsV: it was - now the rains are back. ORegonians being who they are, tho, once the flip-flops come out they will stay on. I've seen people with their tevas and sandals in the freezing rain. And, as mike points out, we do the "sandals-and-socks" thing here.

mike: Don't forget the "PSU student" look; Tevas and socks with shorts in February. Go figure.