Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hello, Sadie

This month the China IA picture is kinda good news-bad news

The bad news is that CCAA did only THREE freaking DAYS of LIDs this month.






It's this kind of stuff that makes me want to put my drill sergeant hat back on and lock up the pencil pushers in Beijing for some corrective training.In particular, we have been thinking of a certain person we know, logged in on our same old 1/10/06 date, and were hurting for her when last month's referrals fell ONE DAY SHORT.

So. The GOOD news is that one of the three days referred in April belonged to her, this terrific redheaded now-soon-to-be-supermommy, whose little girl Sadie Amelia is right now going to bed in Hunan Province unaware that she has this fantastic mommy waiting for and loving her right here in Portland. So we're thinking of her, and her mommy, and feeling good that their famiy has finally happened.

Congratulations, Mommy and Sadie! 十一千年!! Ten thousand years!!

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