Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I'm looking at my Mother's Day post and realizing that it comes off a little...cynical? Grouchy, in a "You-damn-kids-get-the-hell-off-my-lawn" kind of way? Maybe even nasty.

Mmph. Well, that morning was hell with the lid off. One thing I'm learning about this parenting business is that it's like bipolar disorder that no amount of lithium can treat. Kids, to paraphrase Churchill, are either hugging you or choking you...there's little middle ground. Snday morning they were at our throats. But the weekend as a whole...that was different.

Acually, the weekend started early for the Peeper and I. We headed out for my work with a stop at Beaterville for breakfast.Then there was much fun watching the pavers do their thing (the Peep was VERY excited about the breakdown roller) before stops at the Icky Clown House (a.k.a. McDonald's, or L'Arc d'Or) and Home Depot before going for a long hike in Forest Park.Spring is at its acme in the wooded hills above Portland, with the trillium purpled by pollenation and the maples and alders leafing out in a soundless explosion of green.Peep raced and climbed hills and chattered happily,

...while I puffed along up the steep trails above Leif Erikson Drive, pointing out the land snails, wood violets and old-mans-beard. Peep's enthusiasm for the woods is a treat for me, too; no "nature-deficit disorder" for this little guy.

Good little enviromentalist that he is, the Peep took to heart the plan of ripping up English ivy (nasty invasive thing that it is) and acumulated quite a pile of dead behind him.

So it was good outdoors fun: jumping in puddles and looking under stones, listening to the lazy afternoon putt-putt-putt of the Wilson's Warblers(I love these little black-capped yellow guys. Their lawnmower stuttering fills the spring woodlands in the mornings and they're often the last bird calling late in the day).

We raced back to Wendy the Truck and then had a treat at the St. John's Burgerville on the way home. A special boys' day for Peeper and I.The evening was lovely, warm and calm. We had dinner and sat out on the deck with Missy while Peep played with his trains. I tried to get Little Miss to see the tiny Bushtits she was hearing - it was funny to listen to her imitate their "pop-pop" calls scolding the cats. They have been constant visitors this spring gathering flower petals from the cherry I suspect they're nesting nearby. Not TOO nearby, I hope, if they want to avoid the Cat-claws of DeathSomewhat off-topic: here's two Portland Lumberjax fans celebrating the Jax winning the NLL West on the way to the title game next weekend. Peeper loved my plaid jersey so one of his birthday presents was a little jersey of his own - matching outfits? Dude! Anyway, Pp and I both shout:Go, Jax!The next morning was just a typical Saturday morning at the Fire Direction Center: Missy looks for a treat while Miss Lily prays to Bast the Goddess of Cat Mommy and the Peeper sleep in, and......Daddy cooks the breakfast. Bacon! Yum...And I should add that after the rugged Sunday morning we had a lovely day. Peep and Mojo went looking for a scooter for her (yes, you heard right. She loves Peeper's new scooter).

While Little Miss and I went out to find some dandelions - "puff flowers" - as Peeper calls the gone-to-seed version. I never fail to get a kick out of watching Missy pull these and try to blow off the seeds. She hasn't quite figured out the blowing part, and usually spits all over the seedhead. Eventually she either waves the dandelion around, blowing off the seeds, or, better yet, finds something to rub the seeds on.

Enter Nitty Kitty (meowing).

She luuurves to rub dandelion seeds on The Nitty, which is just dandy with The World's Dirtiest Cat who loves to roll in the dust and get her fur full of debris. Nitty always cleans herself fairly well, mind you (she's a cat, not a dog...) but that's just so she can get dirty again. Note Missy's hip-hop style, saggin' and baggin' trousers. Thank heaven for high-rise diapers: nothing like two-year-old plumber's buttSo I'd like to leave you with a happier image of a sunnier day, with a sweet litle girl and her flower just like a greeting card. May I add a genuine wish for all mothers, fathers and their children to enjoy each other, and the love that holds them together. "And, though each spring do add to love's new heat,
As princes do in times of action get
New taxes and remit them not in peace,
No winter shall abate the spring's increase."

John Donne


You Know Where You Are With said...

My, that girl has a head of hair. And fast, too.

pluto said...

Glad to see in your pictures that you are also slaves to cats. We've got two of them and find them indispensable. At least that's what the cats tell us.

Also glad to hear that your weekend went better than Sunday morning indicated. I'm seriously envious of your weather because ours was cold, windy, and wet the entire weekend.

atomic mama said...

Happy Belated to your better half!

walternatives said...

I'm wishing to have a John Deere tractor on the drainboard, too. Your kids are adorable, Chief.