Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reasons Why the Oregonian Sucks #2: The Dead Dog

Last time we were here it was the freaking "death cat"

Today its the dead dog. Here's the story. Basically, one numbnuts has a dented fender. The other has a dead dog. They're both in court. See ya.

There. I've told you all you really need to know about this silly story in nineteen words. But to the Big O, this is PAGE ONE NEWS!! ABOVE the fold (don't be mislead by the picture at top - that's the p.m. edition. The morning edition had a immense photo of the ex-dog all over the cover page with the headline in screamer type at the top.) For a moment I thought that the Trappist monks had bombed Norfolk Navy Base and the freaking dog was their Admiral Yamamoto.

Oh. And this little silly human interest item?

Page 5. I shit you not.

Worst paper in the world. I mean, at least crap like the "Weekly World News" has batboy or pictures of topless girls.

Update 5/29: I found the morning edition with the ginormous picture of Admiral Dogamoto (excuse me..."Cindy"), the dead center of all this Oregonian ink spillage. See what I mean. Jesus, no wonder participatory democracy is dead.


Johnny said...

If you google his family tree, you'll find that his family has a habit of about-faces. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

FDChief said...


"His family" being Admiral Yamamoto? The dead dog? One of the numbnuts? The editor of the Oregonian?

Don't get it...

MeghanH said...

I think "johnny" is talking about Scott McClelland. But not sure.

I agree, in my best Keith Olbermann booming voice, that the O today is the "WORST PAPER IN THE WOOOOOORLD". I am disappointed with their forays into front page pandering.

The O needs to send some of their editors to learn from the NY Times for a month or two. At least the Times has an inkling of what the word "newsworthy" means.

FDChief said...

Thanks, Meghan - that makes sense.

And given the way the Times has empowered Judy Miller & Co, well...

But I agree, they are furlongs better than the fishwrap calling itself our local paper.