Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 in Video

So now you've seen Little Miss in her very own video, what else calls to us through the magic of the electronical Internet?

(Maggie Jochild over at Group News Blog had a great idea for Christmas Day: publish the videos she most enjoyed through 2008. In the polygamous tradition of success having many parents, here's my purely personal collection of "My fave videos" in no particular order.)

Where the hell is Matt Harding? Make sure you go here and watch the HD version. Just because.

srv reminded me of this: the dancers of the China Disabled Person's Performing Art Troupe perform the Dance of the Thousand Hand Guanyin: I posted this before and Blogger deleted it because of a "terms of use" violation, which gives me a "what the fuck" violation, since YouTube still has it up here and it seems like a personal use. I think it has to do with the terrific mix the YouTube poster made of Steely Dan's "Bodhisattiva", which blows away the lame mysterious East music used for the original performance. So if Blogger deletes it, again, follow the link and check it out. The troupe - and "vickieburns3", the poster - totally rock.

This is one I share with Maggie: OK Go performs "Here It Goes Again" on the synchro treadmills: "It starts out easy, something simple, something sleazy, something inching past the edge of reserve.
Now through the lines of the cheap venetian blinds your car is pulling off of the curb"

Better than Disney on Ice. On dope.

The video that did - as far as I was concerned - the simplest and best job of defining John McCain as a candidate: Like hope, only different...

I love Carly Simon. I love her voice, I love her goofy, widemouthed smile. And I love this song, a cross between a gospel choir and a Women's Institute singing a paean to the Greed Is Good Eighties: Two thoughts: First, I would have Sigourney Weaver's babies if she asked me to. Don't fuck with me about the how; for her, I'd figure out a way. Second, Carly, what's with that spastic little "dance" you're doing between 2:50 and 2:57? Are you goofin' on us, or is that really how you dance? Cause if it is, girlfriend, we gotta talk.

Black, his codpiece made of leather.

You probably know him only from his debased performance as "Bean". But "Blackadder" is Rowan Atkinson's greatest creation: Hugh Laurie does a hilarious turn here as the eeeeevil German master of disguises. "Such a disappointment for a girl..." But the best bit is the first 1:30, where Blackadder plays charades with his Spanish torturer. "Ah, a scythe..."

This really shouldn't be in here - it's really just an audio track with a slideshow. But I love the Jason Wade cover of this wonderful old Chilton Price song so much, I hunt it up and listen to it while I'm writing or doing similar computer chores at work: Lovely.

Ever since the first humans domesticated the cat, feline observers have been trying to decide the nature of the cat's natural prey: the human baby and toddler, or the black bear (Ursus americanus). Well, here's visual evidence - it's BOTH: Not sure what I love so much about this. The Presidents of the United States "Kitty" is a kick-ass tune, the multiple cat-crashes and baby attacks...but the "cat chases bear" clip is...well, watch it and tell me what you think.

The classic: Sarah Palin and two other turkeys: The best thing in this is the little guy - let's call him Olaf - running the turkey butchering machine. He keeps looking at her and then off-camera right, like his boss is standing there miming "Kill! Kill the fucking turkey already! Don't...don't look at her, just kill the goddam turkey!!" You can almost see Olaf thinking "I dunno if this is such a good idea..." No, Olaf, it wasn't. But it wasn't YOUR idea that was the problem...

I ran across this guy in an odd way: idly watching the (truly mediocre) Meg Ryan vehicle "French Kiss". But at one point the soundtrack brings on Paolo Conte's "via con me" and the screen turns a little bit magic:

Another love I share with Maggie: the "bouncing balls" Sony commercial: Just because it looks cool.

I've always had a real fondness for the beautiful harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, here performing "Rain": And we here are all hoping for some rain, I should add. Enough snow and cold; let's return to our regularly scheduled Oregon winter.

And of course, here's me own self, in the Jib Jab video of Campaign 2008:
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Hope you enjoyed. Back this weekend with more domestic bliss! And then it's on to 2009, and the Return of Politics.


Lisa said...

The Where's Matt was brilliant, and actually brought me to tears as it successfully shows our basic shared humanity in a particularly riven time.

I also loved Jib Jab's send up.

srv said...

Took me about 30 minutes to remember how to spell Bodhisattiva. Why didn't it rate?

FDChief said...

srv: Damn! That's a GREAT video - I need to add it. Thanks for the reminder!!