Monday, December 22, 2008

The "Arctic Blast of 2008"

You know those parts in the horror movie where the supernatural slasher finally goes all postal and starts making coeds into ceviche? And there's always one of the monster-fodder that goes completely bugnuts at this point, sobbing and screaming and clawing at the scenery in a frantic, futile attempt to escape the fate she understands with horrible clarity that the screenwriter has meted out to her at the bottom of page 63?

Portland is like that about snow.

We get completely, mindlessly fucked up. Our streets are like the trail of the Grand Armee' back from Moscow to Smolensk littered with the wrecked debris of passage, our businesses close, our public institutions shut down; we just huddle in the cold and dark and wait for the sun to return like Paleolithic hunters shivering in terror through the eclipse.

I drove from North Portland to Oregon City today. With chains it was unpleasant but do-able; the worst part was the pathetically Victorian level of Portland "snow removal" meant that my little Honda Civic was often belly-down in the snow.

Nobody else made it in. I puttered around, did a little housekeeping, and now I'm ready to go home. No big deal. Anyway, here are some images from Portland's "Arctic Blast" of 2008: Amherst Street at 7:30 a.m.And a couple of artistic treatments of our yard all lovely with the snow.Hope you're enjoying better weather than we are, or are at home skiing and enjoying the snowfall.


pluto said...

If its any consolation, the upper midwest is getting considerably worse weather than you are although we're probably dealing with it better than the city of Portland.

Low's have been bouncing from -15 to 10 above with winds between 10-40 miles per hour from the north. Any time we get above zero we get 2-4 inches of snow.

It's getting REALLY old, even for those of us who were born here and are used to it. The real horror of the situation is that we know that January is almost always much nastier than December.

mike said...

I saw a lady schussing down 109th street on skis in Seattle this afternoon. Way out of the norm for this city of rain. But we have eight inches of snow - on top of ice. Cars, buses and pedestrians are skidding, slipping and sliding as very few of the city natives know how to drive (or walk) on this - and almost nobody has chains.

Lisa said...

This is very odd weather for you in OR, isn't it?

Cold comfort, but we're in the upper 20's tonight, and when I get in my house is in the 50 range. The old FLA homes were built with little or no insulation, so I'm wearing layers in solidarity with you guys.