Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dressing Baby Girl

Here's the outfit we settled on this morning:Shirt, shoes and sock by Missy, little overalls from Daddy. She was INSISTENT that the left foot had to be sockless. We settled on going without the "purple" (about which she chanted for some time) since neither of us could figure out what the "purple" was.

So far the biggest single difference between babyhood and toddler/preschool-dom is that in the Larval Years you are the demigod. Like the Colonel with Young Elvis, you dress 'em, feed 'em, wake 'em and sleep 'em pretty much on your terms. You are the Boss. At two-and-a-half, little Miss and my relationship has become more...industrial. I'm still the Big Boss, but she has her moments; she's the Shop Steward to my Shift Manager. Sometimes she wins, sometimes she loses, sometimes it rains.Yesterday she wouldn't let me leave her at daycare until I drew her picture: here it is.

I like it because I finally managed to catch her expression and the jaunty little head-tilt she carries when she's feeling happy and mischievous. She is, in every way, a darling. Even when insisting on one sockless foot.


Lisa said...

You are a graphic artist, too.

Red Sand said...

I do quite like the picture. Is it just me or is she getting taller?

Lisa said...

p.s.--I'm all over those hot pink (red)coveralls. Just my style!

atomic mama said...

Toddlers are rad.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I tried to get my kiddo into a pair of red overalls today...they were already too small (and she has never worn them). I was sad. I like overalls, and I like red.
I am (knowing very well how short my time in the sun will be) thoroughly enjoying our demigod days. Oh, I am enjoying them. She has only just entered that time, since in the beginning we were just kind and affable strangers who happened to feed her well in the interim. She is just now recognizing and embracing us as the shining gods of her world, the givers of love and joy. I wish it could last forever.

FDChief said...

Lisa: I love those little overalls, too. She has a pair of wee blue ones with adorable cartoon tractors and other diggers on them what are WAY too cute.

Glad you liked the cartoon - crayon is a tricky medium (ahem)...

RS: She's growing vertically like a little dandelion. I just wish she'd fill in a little. She's a bitty wee thing, and she's still so skinny and slight. To give you an idea, at 31 months, she weights 23 pounds, exactly the same weight as my co-worker's ten-month old!!!

AM: And don't they know it..! She is the cream in my coffee.

WD: I do, too. We've lost that already with the Peep; we're just mom and pop, occasional dispensers of treats and naughtybuzz-killers. I love those moments when she puts her tiny arms as far around me as she can reach and snugs her face into my chest and breathes in what to her is obviously the comforting daddy-smell. At that moment I am her working week and her Sunday rest, her home, the living repository of all things good.

It cannot last. But I will so miss it when it goes.